MM Studio Design

Interior design

MM-Studio provides a unique and personal approach to interior design by bringing new artistically inspired layouts and interesting fresh solutions, supplying bespoke and free-standing furniture as well as using original works of art and artefacts that suit your space. Paintings, sculptures and handcrafted objects d’art can be ordered and made especially for you. There is no limit to what your imagination can do in order that the space acquires greater character and personality in accordance with the functional requirements.


Furniture and accessories

The German architect and founder of the Art & Design School Bauhaus, Walter Gropius believed that ‘Many objects are beautiful, many creations are functional'. At MM-Studio, we strike the right balance according to your taste and needs. Only the correct design tailors the space to your individual needs, whether that involves organisation, storage or atmosphere. Our aim is to create a "total" work of art in which all arts, including architecture, would eventually be brought together. We understand that careful conceptualisation of space, and applying the right sort of visual art strategies, that incorporate vision with function are necessary for success.

Cat eating cactus, 460X360


MM-Studio will source original works of art and accessories that will enhance any space you choose.

At MM-Studio, we are happy to discuss your individual requirements for bringing your lifestyle into architectural reality.
This space will reflect just the right emotional response to your vision of how the space conveys mood and feeling.

One doesn’t need a big budget to create a functional and visually stunning space.